Osprey Packs is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts. Their lightweight designs and durable builds provide exceptional qualities when experiencing nature to the fullest. A good exhibit for them would be a wall of product, all those nice backpacks in varying sizes and colors to meet every need. For a great exhibit they looked deeper, past the obvious, into their future plans and philosophical directions.

As a marketing company that specializes in the experience, we at Triad Creative Group love an exhibit that digs in and brings participants into the environment. Whether at trade shows or museums, exhibits should be made to enhance the user’s experience; immersing the individual in a place and time controlled by the designers, not just viewing graphics, but becoming part of the exhibit. This participant involvement is more common in museums with a clear time period and theme. The trade show industry can get tripped up by multiple themes and layers of corporate hierarchy.

Osprey Packs sliced through corporate clutter at the OR Show this past winter. Osprey is pushing a new direction for them–travel luggage. This is a natural push for a backpacking company. Lightweight and durable packs are appreciated on red-eye flights as much as in backcountry.

We were thrilled to see Osprey take this new market expansion and create it as a physical reality at the OR Show. Not graphics showing how their packs fit in an overhead bin. Actual overhead bins, with actual seats, in an actual fuselage of an airplane! To top it all off they had flight attendants serving beer!

It is so refreshing to see a company follow a current marketing campaign through to the trade show realm, then take it step further. That is why we voted Osprey into the #BoothLove competition. Good luck guys.

Jay Tanel